Warrior Wood
 Warrior Wood

What we're made of...

 Aside from our unique and custom designs, no two handmade creations will ever be identical by nature.


Various species of wood are used in the construction of these weapons, and many factors must be considered if a weapon is truly going to be suitable for it's intended purpose. Wood grain, hardness, flexability, weight, resiliency and of course aesthetics, are all factors to be consider when creating a wooden weapon.


 Once the proper materials have been selected, they are shaped and balanced for the intended use, paying strict attention to the desired specifications set forth for this particular weapon.


 When the basic shaping and balance have been acheived, the wood will be maticulously sanded through several grades of abrasives to properly close the pores and add to the beauty and durabilty of the weapon.


 At this point in the process, the wood must be sealed to protect it against the elements that otherwise might weaken or compromise its structural integrity.  A fine coat of premium oil is applied and allowed to seep into the wood over a minimum of 24 hours.

Oils will naturally become engrained into the wood, as opposed to any topical coatings that may crack or chip over time. This oiling, seeping and buffing and sanding process is repeated until the desired protection and aesthetic appearance have been acheived.


 Any additional embellishments or accessories such as hand made leather tsubas, tsuka wraps etc are then crafted and added with the same attention to detail and finish. Only when the weapon fully meets the highest aesthetic and structural standards will it be presented tfor sale.

Lasting relationships...

 Throughout the process of making a custom wooden weapon, a relationship is forged between the craftsman and the wood, ultimately each will bring out the best that the other has to offer.

 Prophetically  a second relationship is developed between weapon and warrior,  and once again untimately each will bring out the best that the other has to offer...

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