Warrior Wood
 Warrior Wood


 Warrior Wood is the home of unique, custom made - wooden training and combat weapons, designed to enhance your abilities of self defense and advance your training.


 All weapons are built one at a time by a US military veteran, life long craftsman and fellow martial artist. Combining these skills, I bring unique purpose to pieces of responsibly harvested, exotic and domestic woods, all while enjoying the fullfillment that comes with sharing our gifts with others.


   a heart felt testomonial from one of my most honorable customers ...

    "  ... weapons way beyond my expectations, it is absolutely my honor to use them. I appreciate your high level expertise ... your innovative designs and your great understanding in the creation of traditional Okinowan weapons. You are definitely one of the worlds best masters in this area. "

                                                                                       Alan Lai

                                                                                   Okinowan Ueshiro Karate

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